Message to the Delegates

Greetings from IIT Bhubaneswar,
After the unprecedented success that was IIT-BBSR MUN '16, Panacea- the Literary Society of IIT Bhubaneswar- is proud to announce that it is back with IIT-BBSR MUN '17 in association with Alma Fiesta!

This year's event will be held at our permanent campus in Arugul, Jatni. This is in accordance with our plan to make the MUN bigger and better. Our primary focus remains that the delegates debate intensely and learn something new along the way.

We promise to ensure that the delegates will be taken excellent care of, during the course of the MUN. We hope to give all the delegates the experience that they expect in an MUN.

What People Are Saying.

  • A very good MUN, especially considering that it was held for the first time.

    Arpit Agarwal
  • Who ever heard of a Bollywood concert for a social night of a MUN?

    Divya Tripathi
  • Very well held event. It was really simple, nothing too fancy.

    Mayur Pattnaik